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The Friary Workshop - Handmade Primitive Crafts from Shropshire

MON - FRI:  7am - 9pm

SATURDAY:   10am - 4pm

SUNDAY:   10am - 4pm

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Here at The Friary Workshop we believe that every piece of furniture should be unique. Every piece of timber has its unique fingerprint of grain pattern colour and texture and we do our best to bring out these qualities to produce your individual piece of decorative and functional furniture. More than this, Our techniques develop the patination on the piece to imply natural ageing. Through paint layering, wear patterning, staining, marking, embossing, stencilling, ancient repair even graffiti, We can build a surface texture that replicates years or even centuries of life and memories of owners long gone.. We believe our meticulous attention to finish, will leave you believing your piece is an antique with many interesting stories.

The collection of items below represents our house style and each piece is handcrafted and unique, if you don't see what you like but you like our style..then call us and we can discuss your idea.

Thanks for looking around.


The Friary Workshop

Handmade Primitive Crafts from Shropshire
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